Our Team


Jay, General Manager

Jay is the Practice Manager (aka ringleader) here at Simonton Pets. He has an extensive background in all aspects of veterinary medicine ranging from emergency, small and large animal practice, and management. His love for animals started while helping his uncle on his horse ranch and traveling with their racehorses. His pack at home includes his son Jacob (his mini me) and his pride and joy Catahoula Dusty. In his free time, Jay enjoys exploring the Houston area with his family and friends, trying new restaurants, grilling and cooking, comparing lawns with the neighbors, and keeping his son entertained. Jay makes friends wherever he goes and can carry on a conversation with just about anyone. So, stop by and say hi! Jay is here to help with any questions or concerns you may have.

Teresa, Groomer

Teresa, Groomer

Teresa has had a love affair with animals her whole life, whether it was rescuing critters as a child, fostering puppies and kittens as a young adult, and even raising her own flock of furry friends and companions consisting of birds, cats, and dogs. They, along with her love of nature, have always been close to her heart.

As a child, Teresa spent so much time with her animals that everyone in her family thought she would become a veterinarian. Fast forward a decade or two, and through several career changes ranging from office manager, bookkeeper, healthcare worker, and CADD designer, Teresa became a pet stylist in 2013. She loves what she does and truly believes in treating your fur babies with the same attention, care and compassion as she would treat her own. She is always willing and available to answer any questions or concerns pet parents may have. Her favorite part of her job is seeing the joy pet parents feel when picking up their super clean and great smelling fur babies.

Jerry, Trainer

Jerry, Trainer

Jerry has been doing dog training for the last 35 years. His father was a retired police canine handler and Jerry grew up with his canine partner when they retired together. He started his career in the kennel where he learned a lot about the personality of the dogs being boarded with us. He then moved up to trainer and spent the best part of his career working with dogs and educating their families on how to properly communicate with each other. Jerry truly enjoys watching pets and their families come together and become more productive in each other's lives. The last few years he has been a store manager/ trainer and he couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Jerry says that he learns from everyone he works with – humans and dogs alike.

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