Giving Thanks for the Best Dog in the World

‘Tis the season to be thankful. Yet in the midst of the hustle and bustle to get the turkey on the table while keeping the dogs/kids/uncles off the table, even giving thanks can turn into a chore. Once everyone gathers ‘round and starts sharing what they’re thankful for, you may feel a bit too rushed or distracted by how the pies turned out to fully appreciate life’s sweetest blessings.

Assuming all goes well with your Thanksgiving plans – your new dressing recipe is a hit, the leftovers are put away and your favorite team is ahead by halftime, perhaps you can start a new tradition of your own. Find a quiet moment to “paws” and really reflect on the joys in your life. For pet parents, that most certainly includes our furry family members.

The reasons to be thankful for our dogs are as numerous and unique as they are. As W.R. Purche once famously said, “Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong.” And that’s what makes our canine connections so special – those one-of-a-kind relationships we share that can never be duplicated. The big stuff, like unconditional love and endless loyalty, are certainly significant and worth celebrating. But it’s the little things that are easy to miss and sometimes don’t get much notice until they’re gone.

Having a dog in the house is like living with a personal trainer, comedian, life coach and robot vacuum all in one. Think about it – if it’s cold and wet outside and you’re tempted to go for an extra cup of coffee instead of a morning walk, one look at those puppy dog eyes will motivate you to put your shoes on and get moving. Or when things get tense between the humans in the house and tempers start to flare, our dogs have an uncanny ability to lighten the mood with their silliness. Need a listening ear? You’ll find two big floppy ones ready to listen, judgement-free, for the price of a belly rub. And if you drop your snack or anything remotely edible, you can count on your pup to clean it up faster than you can say “Roomba.”

This Thanksgiving, we are thankful for the many wonderful canine clients of Simonton Veterinary Clinic who brighten our days and make our job of loving them like our own so easy. We think they’re ALL the best dogs, and we’re not wrong!