Dog Moms Deserve A Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a beautiful occasion to celebrate moms everywhere – grandmothers, stepmothers, aunts, dog and cat moms, mother figures and more! Motherhood takes on many forms and can be at the same time one of the most challenging and most rewarding roles in life. But above all, the single most unifying quality shared by mothers everywhere is love.

Mothers of all kinds know the demands of the job and the toll it can take, but even when love is all that’s left, it can be enough. Mothering well often requires constant attention, an endless tolerance for messes, a mysterious mix of hope and worry, and sometimes only sloppy kisses of thanks. For dog (and cat!) moms, the demands are the same, but the kisses may vary in sloppiness!

Mother’s Day on May 9th is the perfect time to honor and celebrate all the moms we love, and there are plenty of ways to do it. According to the National Retail Federation, 86 percent of Americans planned to celebrate Mother’s Day last year, with more than $26 billion in expected spending. So if you decide to go the traditional gift route, you will be in good company!

Popular gifts include flowers, candy, jewelry and candles. You can’t go wrong with fresh flowers or chocolates – just be sure to keep them out of reach of the pets in your home. Jewelry can be personalized with the names or images of beloved pets, such as a paw-print charm or photo locket. Another popular gifting trend is the monthly subscription box. For dog moms, a box of toys and treats for dogs is actually a gift for both, because as we all know, when the dog is busy and happy, mom is too!

When it comes to gifts of service, a special breakfast in bed or homemade gift certificates for future help around the house will not break the bank but go right to the heart of busy moms. Or how about a grooming session for the dog? Especially this time of year when dogs and cats tend to shed their winter coats, a thorough grooming will cut down on the maintenance needed for both the dog and the house. Let our expert groomers here at Simonton Veterinary Clinic do their magic while mom has the chance to relax.

If time to herself is what the mom in your life needs the most, you can make reservations for doggie daycare [here at xx pet resort OR at your favorite pet resort (for veterinary businesses)] If time together is more her style, look for a dog-friendly winery or brewery nearby, or plan a picnic and a game of frisbee at your favorite dog-friendly park.

However, you choose to show your love for the pet and people moms in your life this year, we hope they will know how special they are for their courage, their fierce devotion, and their willingness to love at all costs.

Happy Mother’s Day!