Dog Grooming

From basic hygiene and nail trims to full-service grooming, our Dog Grooming services offer everything you need at Simonton Pets to ensure your pooch is pampered from tip to tail. Our expert groomers specialize in the most current techniques in canine care and beautification here at our Simonton, TX pet care facility.

We're conveniently located just west of Fulshear at 35119 FM 1093 in Simonton, TX.

Feel free to schedule your furry family member for grooming services, or incorporate some primping into their boarding experience

Dog at the spa
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Conveniently Located Dog Grooming

Simonton Pets is conveniently located near the following communities. We look forward to serving you and your pet.

  • Fulshear, TX - 5 miles west of Fulshear on FM 1093
  • Wallis, TX - 6 miles northeast of Wallis on FM 1093
  • Pittsville, TX - 7 miles southwest of Pittsville
  • Orchard, TX - 6 miles west of Orchard on Simonton Rd
  • Brookshire, TX - 10 miles south of Brookshire off FM 1489 S
  • Brazos Country, TX - 14 miles southeast of Brazos Country
  • Weston Lakes, TX - 4 miles west of Weston Lakes

Meet Our Groomer, Teresa!

Teresa has had a love affair with animals her whole life, whether it was rescuing critters as a child with her septuagenarian friend who lived across the street, Mrs. Mahoney, to fostering puppies and kittens as a young adult, and then raising her own flock of furry friends and companions consisting of birds, cats and dogs. They, along with her love of nature, have always been close to her heart.

As a child, Teresa spent so much time with her animals that everyone in her family thought she would become a veterinarian. Fast forward a decade or two and through several career changes as an office manager, bookkeeper, healthcare worker, systems administrator and CADD designer, to finally coming full circle back to her heart in 2013 when she became a pet stylist. She loves what she does and truly believes in treating your fur babies with the same attention, care and compassion as she would treat her own, and is always willing and available to answer any questions or concerns pet parents may have. Her favorite part of her job is seeing the joy pet parents feel when picking up their super clean and great smelling fur babies.


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