Are Simonton, TX Area Pets Better Co-Workers?

Five Traits to Help You Decide

Think back to all the jobs you’ve had in your life, from the early days as a camp counselor or burger flipper, to more professional or entrepreneurial endeavors further along in your journey. Chances are, the traits and influence of your co-workers had a huge impact on your job satisfaction, productivity, and sometimes even your career itself. We all have those co-workers in our past (or present) that we love to hate – the backstabbers, the whiners, the gossipers, the spotlight stealers. And, conversely, co-workers who show up every day with positive, helpful attitudes can make all the difference in your contentment and effectiveness at work.

For many people now working from home here in the Simonton/Fulshear area in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, their daily work environment has changed dramatically. And for pet parents, this most definitely includes the profiles on your co-worker roster. Whether your dog is constantly begging to play or your cat is sleeping on your keyboard, your co-worker situation has changed for better or for worse.

When you think about the most desirable traits of co-workers, maybe things haven’t changed so much after all. Psychologists and workplace experts agree that the qualities of an ideal co-worker are fairly universal. And who better than our beloved canine and feline friends to offer the traits we most often wish for in the people around us, including:

  1. Passion – When it comes to demonstrating their affection, dogs never seem to tire of showing us their undying love. Every day is a new day for your pup, and you’ll be frequently reminded when they jump up on you, try to lick your face or race through the house for a game of chase. Although they may need help curbing their enthusiasm at times, dogs never seem to lack when it comes to passionately loving us.
  2. Listening – Dogs are great listeners, whether you’re having a bad day or a really good one. They never argue, interrupt, or judge you, and you’ll never find a better secret keeper. Throw in some eye-contact now and then, and you’ll have a dedicated sounding board for as long as you need it.
  3. Calming Influence – As personal experience and therapy dogs around the world have proven, dogs are a reliable calming influence. Petting your dog can make you feel better by reducing cortisol, a major stress hormone. And with their unconditional love and consistent support, our dogs and cats can be the calm we need when the storm around us seems overwhelming.
  4. Honesty – Your dog won’t gossip about you behind your back or take credit for your ideas. When it comes to honesty, trust is built right in when love and affection are genuine.
  5. Fun and Funny – Everyone loves that life-of-the-party co-worker with wacky ideas, new energy, or a fresh perspective on long term problems. In this new work from home world, our pets provide the humor we need to get through the day, with their playful distractions, ridiculous habits, and overwhelming cuteness.

A lot has changed because of the Coronavirus, but when it comes to the traits of ideal co-workers, some things are the same. What are your pets bringing to the table when they show up to “help” you work?